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Florida Hospital Research Institute by the Numbers

  • 250+ Investigators
  • 297 research publications in peer reviewed journals (2016)
  • Nationally Accredited IRB (AAHRPP)
  • 570 Active Clinical Trials ranging from Phase 0-4 studying the lifespan, from NICU babies to Seniors
  • 18 Therapeutically-focused Research Teams supported by 218 Research Employees
  • 75% of CRCs are Research Certified (i.e. CCRP)
  • 6 Active R01 Grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Clinical Research Unit, Wet-labs, Research MRI, Investigational Drug Service (IDS), Tissue processing capabilities
  • Centralized Core Services including fully-dedicated Research IT Infrastructure
  • Active collaborations with Academic Medical Centers and Pharmaceutical and Device Partners

Unique Access to Pioneering Treatment

We conduct hundreds of clinical trials each year designed to improve healthcare and find cures for a wide range of diseases. Clinical trials give our patients access to brand new treatments that are not widely available. Participation is also a great way to honor a loved one who has battled a disease by helping scientists better understand how to treat it.

Clinical trials have specific requirements that must be met to ensure the study will meet its scientific objectives and people can safely participate in the study. Visit ClinicalTrials.gov to see a list of general studies and requirements.

To find out what clinical trials are currently available at Florida Hospital and how to qualify, call (407) 303-7771 or email FH.OSP@FLHosp.org.

Understanding Clinical Research

Before medical treatment is available to the public, it must be tested and proven to be safe and effective. This is done through a process called clinical research. Clinical research uses individual studies to search for breakthrough methods of fighting various diseases. There are many types of clinical research including:

  • Treatment Research
    This type of research looks to see if new treatments are safe and effective. It may involve a drug, medical device, surgical approach or rehabilitation technique. This type of research is called a clinical trial.
  • Prevention Research
    This type of research looks for ways to prevent disease from starting or returning. This may include lifestyle changes, vitamins, medicines or vaccines.
  • Diagnostic Research
    This type of research tries to find better ways to diagnose an illness or condition. It also tries to improve the diagnostic tools already being used such as X-rays.
  • Screening Research
    This type of research tries to find easy and effective ways to identify illness or health problems.
  • Quality of Life Research
    This type of research tries to find ways to improve the comfort and quality of life for people with chronic illnesses.
  • Human Tissue and Genetic Research
    This type of research tries to understand the normal processes inside the body, how and why diseases start, and what makes them better or worse. Information learned from this type of research helps scientists diagnose disease and develop new treatments.
  • Population Health and Epidemiological Research
    This type of research tries to find patterns, causes and outcomes in large groups of people.

How do I find a research study at Florida Hospital?

Florida Hospital Research Institute (FHRI) has over 500 research studies at any given time being conducted by 17 research departments. Please click on the research departments to see what type of studies are available.

How do I find out if I qualify for a study?

Every research study has guidelines that determine whether a person can or cannot be in the study. To qualify for a research study, a person must meet “Eligibility Criteria.” This is a list of items that the person must meet to be in the study. For example,

Research studies have eligibility criteria to ensure the study will meet its scientific objectives and to make sure that people can safely participate in the study.

If you are interested in a research study, you can look up the eligibility criteria on www.clinicaltrials.gov or you can contact the research department conducting the study to see if you qualify.

Learn About the Benefits of Clinical Trials for Businesses

Groundbreaking Strategic Partnerships

We partner with physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device and technology manufacturers around the world with the goal of radically advancing healthcare.

Our world-class team of researchers, clinical scientists and support staff is equipped to meet a wide array of research needs. We offer specialized, medical facilities and equipment. Plus, we treat more than one-million patients each year from the highly diverse, Central Florida region. This unique, participant population enables highly customized studies to be performed, and expedites discovery and speed-to-market capability.

Clinical Research Support Services

We provide a full array of clinical-research support services for our business and clinical partners housed in the following centralized departments. Click on each department to learn about the services offered.

  • Office of Research Advancement & Support (RAS)
  • Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
  • Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
  • Research Finance (RF)
  • Research Information Systems (ReSIS)

What We Can Do for Your Business

Florida Hospital has...

World-class researchers - Leading clinical scientists in disciplines from oncology to diabetes to cardiovascular disease oversee groundbreaking clinical studies in 17 research units.

High volumes enhancing rapid enrollment - Since Florida Hospital cares for more than 1,000,000 patients annually, it is a high volume facility which gives greater access to potential participants for clinical studies than most other competitive facilities.

How Businesses are Working with Us

Florida Hospital offers...

Specialized facilities and equipment - From room-size calorimeters for extended metabolic studies at the Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes to the Global Robotics Institute at its Celebration campus, Florida Hospital has unique and specialized capabilities to meet a wide array of research needs.

Diverse participant population - Central Florida has a diverse population from which Florida Hospital draws research participants, with approximately 52% White, 27% Hispanic, 15% Black, 4% Asian and 2% Other, enabling customized studies for its research collaborators.